Friday, December 19, 2008

Writing Place/Creative Space

I've been in basically two places the last two days, out shoveling a record snowfall from my driveway or in my study writing. I'm not complaining about either. I love a snow day! The whole town practically closed down and it feels like a vacation. Except that I work at home in my study, so no excuse to skip writing.

At HipWriterMama Vivian posted a photo of her writing space yesterday, and links to several other writers who also posted theirs. The voyeur in me loved seeing them. The show off in me wanted to post my own. So here it is. All that white you see out the window is snow. Don't miss the coffee cup. I can't write without my double mocha.

Having my own space with my own clutter all around me is important to my writing process. My study is a sun porch off my bedroom, so my kids have to go through two doors to get to me. My husband makes me clean up my piles of books and papers in the rest of the house, but in my study I can pile all I want to. It's
cold in winter, especially now when the temperature is falling below zero, so I have a little space heater under my desk, and I put heated rice bags in my lap. They are fabulous, if you need a way to keep warm. Also good for those pains in the neck and shoulders. What's the best thing about your writing space?


Vivian said...

Your study is simply perfect. How I would love to have my own place to spread out all the piles!

Thanks for sharing your space and congratulations on your grant! What an honor and testament to your manuscript's promise and your writing future.


StoryForce said...

Thanks very much, Vivian. So nice to meet you via blogoshere!